Oooooooommmmm - IPM reaches "Xen"As the longest-standing Citrix Platinum Partner in the Northeast, IPM has seen firsthand the transformation of what was once a niche-player into the global leader and most trusted name in on-demand Application Delivery. The recent acquisition of XenSource is the proverbial icing on the cake and completes their portfolio of virtualization products. As a result IPM has gained full use of the first end-to-end delivery infrastructure that leverages the method of application, desktop, and server virtualization best suited for dynamic delivery solutions to any user. IPM's Citrix virtualization portfolio now includes:

Server Virtualization with Citrix XenServer. The new Citrix XenServer product line is an enterprise-class platform for managing server virtualization in the datacenter as a flexible aggregated pool of computing and storage resources. Based on the high-performance Xen virtualization engine, Citrix XenServer combines comprehensive server virtualization capabilities with unparalleled scalability, performance and ease-of-use. The new product line ranges from Citrix XenServer Express Edition, an easy-to-use single-server solution available for free download, to the more comprehensive Citrix XenServer Enterprise Edition (formerly XenEnterprise).

Application Virtualization with Citrix XenApp. With more than 70 million users and 99 percent of the global Fortune 500 as customers, Citrix XenApp is the industry's de facto standard for delivering Windows applications with the best performance, security and cost savings. XenApp stores all Windows applications in a single central store in the datacenter, then delivers them to end users on-demand via innovative application virtualization technology. Server-side app virtualization stores applications on the server and virtualizes the presentation layer to end users, while client-side app virtualization streams applications to the desktop and runs them in a protected virtualization environment at the end point.

Desktop Virtualization with Citrix XenDesktop. Citrix XenDesktop, is a groundbreaking new product line designed to overcome the challenges of cost, complexity and user experience that have prevented virtual desktops from becoming a mainstream enterprise reality in the past. Citrix XenDesktop is the industry's first comprehensive, fully integrated desktop delivery system, moving beyond the limitations of existing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) point solutions to ensure the simple, secure, fast delivery of Windows desktops to any office worker over any network. Citrix XenDesktop combines a powerful desktop delivery controller (based on Citrix Desktop Server™ with native ICA® protocol support), Xen virtualization infrastructure for hosting any number of virtual desktops in the datacenter, and virtual desktop provisioning to stream a single desktop image on-demand to multiple virtual machines in the datacenter (based on Citrix Provisioning Server™).

Through utilization of Citrix and XenSource's technologies, the ability to provide customized solutions specific to the individual business need of each of IPM's clients can only continue to improve.

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