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So from the last article,“I Stream”, “You Stream”, Let’s all Stream!!, we assume that your organization has 100 applications that need to be accessed by many users from their desktop and you are in charge of  designing the next desktop architecture (hosted,  server-based, physical desktop) or any combination of the above. We already streamed 85 applications since they were ”streamable”. It would seem that you would now have to “install” all of the remaining 15 applications on the base image.

But what happens if  out of the 15 remaining applications, 8 are used by all of the end users and the other 7 are used by only a handful of end users?

From a design standpoint, you would like to have as few applications on your base image (only install 8 to the base image) since these applications are used by most of your end users. For example – Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Acrobat, etc.

How can you keep your base image from being cluttered  with these other 7 applications and still provide access to them for those end users who need them? To the rescue Citrix has recently announced  XenApp FR2, a technology we can use for these 7 applications.

  • VM hosted apps – this technology enables customers to host and deliver applications from centralized virtual machines running desktop operating systems for the fastest rollout of apps and 100% app compatibility.

So now your base desktop image remains lean and agile!!

Agile because the 85 applications are now,  in most cases, platform independent.Since we packaged the applications on XP, the same package can most likely be used to stream the application on Windows 7.

It‘s a great time to be in the thick of things and as always “If It’s Virtually Possible, We Do it!!

by Myron Bari – October 12, 2009 (


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