IPM's Triple Play Assessment Covers All the BasesBusiness' assessment needs are never singular; when there's one potential problem on the horizon, chances are good that the business could benefit from a number of assessments. Not to worry, IPM has it covered with the newly offered Triple Play Assessment.

First to the plate is the Virtual Server Assessment. The VSA accurately measures a business's current server capacity in preparation for deploying a Virtual Infrastructure. Through inventory of up to 150 Intel based servers, businesses are provided with utilization profiles for each server - including an outline of approximate consolidation ratios and TCO/ROI analysis.

On deck is IPM's File System Assessment which looks into a client's data to understand its composition and overall utilization of storage space. After collecting data from a sample environment, the File System Assessment provides a roadmap toward better managing data on the network - making it possible to streamline storage and management for maximum efficiency.

Last up is the Email System Assessment, an agentless tool that provides detailed information on usage, storage, and content for each individual mailbox in an Exchange environment. This information lays the foundation for efficient storage, protection, and recovery in the email environment.

Each assessment is guided by the VMware Virtual Infrastructure Methodology - this path to aligning business goals and strategies with a successful and accurate virtual infrastructure deployment drives productivity and profits by ensuring the business's server is running at maximum efficiency.

If you feel as though your not optimizing your server, file or email systems, request one or all of the Triple Play Assessments from IPM today.

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