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You’re probably thinking – Are we talking about ice cream or technology?  Well we all know that ice cream, even low fat, will not make you lean. Especially Ben & Jerry’s  cherry garcia :-). As Jerry Seinfeld mentioned on one of his shows – he kept eating these fat free cookies and ice cream and his pants did not fit anymore.

But in the world of IT,the more you “Stream”, the leaner your desktop becomes. So some of IPM’s clients are now Screaming for Streaming!!

Assume that your organization has 100 applications that need to be accessed by many users from their desktop and you are in charge of  designing the next desktop architecture (hosted,  server-based, physical desktop) or any combination of the above.

Guiding Principle  > Stream if at  all possible!!

But of course you ask why? Streaming most of the applications enables you to install the  minimal  number of  applications  on your base image, so that the “installed” image is as lean as possible. At the same time your image achieves agility to dynamically add/remove/upgrade the other applications without changing the base image.

  1. As an example, let’s assume that your organization has 100 applications, 85 of which are “streamable”. Voila, we now have agility for these 85 applications.

What do we do with the other 15 applications that can not be streamed?  One would assume that these 15 must be installed on the base image. You could do that or maybe there is a way to only install the ones that are used by everyone and not the ones that are infrequently used. My thoughts will follow next week. 

In the meantime let me know what flavor ice cream do you like best.


It‘s a great time to be in the thick of things and as always “If It’s Virtually Possible, We Do it!!

by Myron Bari – September 30, 2009 (


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