How wonderful would it be to hear time after time,  and especially from our most demanding executives. “My corporate desktop experience is awesome. Thank you!!”.

Well, two weeks ago, Citrix raised the bar again with their XenDesktop 4 announcements. To see what all the buzz was about, I spent 6 minutes viewing the Most Watched Video on Citrix TV. Citrix TV - The New User Experience. Watching CNN, YouTube, 3D graphics and more.

No wonder that our clients who are using XD 3.5 or XenApp are asking for XD4 to be configured as soon as possible and are engaged in XenDesktop POC’s. Besides adding 50 plus technical enhancements to this new version, they also have a very compelling licensing upgrade model which is being explored by most of our clients.

Around 1996, I remember working on my DOS machine at the office and my Windows 95 machine at home. Like millions of of other users, we needed to understand why we could not get the same user experience at the office. Eventually the home user experience was adopted by the IT community and the gap was closed.

History is now repeating itself. Millions of us are doing really “kool” things at home. And the same end user demands are leading the way again to our corporate world . We just want to turn on any device (any where, any time, and any place) and with the addition of our corporate secure profile, see text, TV, video, music, photo’s, 3D graphics  and much more.

Our  IT corporate world is on the verge of closing the gap and  making our end user’s experience awesome, again!!

It‘s a great time to be in the thick of things and as always “If It’s Virtually Possible, We Do it!!

by Myron Bari – October 24, 2009 (


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