It is quite evident when speaking to IPM clients, that they exhibit an advanced and highly sophisticated palate for Mom’s cooking with both vanilla AND chocolate flavorings. This is exhibited in various forms. It started with homemade ice cream and most recently expanded  into the world of IT. While IPM's clients have grown up and been nurtured with Mom’s (Microsoft’s) motherly love, who has guided them to new heights and sophistication for many years, they initially fell in love with Chocolate (Citrix). They added chocolate flavorings  “any place, anytime and anywhere”. To everyone’s amazement, chocolate flavoring enabled our clients to spend more quality time at home with their families. Right after dinner, with a chocolate flavored dessert placed neatly on their lap or nearby desk, they did not have to rush back to the office to finish their latest assignment or presentation. Life was blissful and Mom was very happy!!

Subsequently, Mom seemed to say it was OK to add Vanilla (VMware) flavorings. In fact, lots of Mom’s cooking was enhanced by “special” flavorings of Vanilla. There was Vanilla lite (for those on a diet), Vanilla Standard &  Vanilla Enterprise. Vanilla flavorings became a regular staple at Mom’s dinner table  and many of  her favorite dishes were flavored with BOTH vanilla AND chocolate. So much so that our clients were hoping to continue in this state of bliss for many more years.

As time passed on, our clients continued to consume  lots more delicious Vanilla flavorings, to the point that Mom decided that she should make her own additive to “her” food. Alas, a family feud was beginning to boil. Imagine our clients uneasiness, sitting at a family event with Mom, using both Vanilla AND Chocolate flavorings, on “her” food, and she was not happy :-(

It was then very predictable and not be outdone, that Vanilla decided that they should also make a brand of Chocolate.

So now, Mom is not happy with Vanilla, Vanilla starts to fight with Chocolate, Chocolate fights back and argues with Vanilla and at the same time Chocolate mixes its own flavorings specifically to enhance Mom’s cooking.

Chaos and disparagement ensues in Mom’s kitchen. At which point, Mom decides that to add additional sophistication to her cooking, she is not only going to cook for those clients who are physically and virtually joining her at her home, but also for those who have departed to the clouds. (Mom’s new line of cooking, “Cloud 2010 Dishes”,  will be published shortly).

And our clients are now caught in the middle of this “contentious” family feud looking for a few simple recipes on how to return to the former state of bliss.

I have no real solution today on how to guide our clients though this maze and have dedicated myself to finding a solution for our clients and will send updates over the next few months.  As always, first and foremost, our clients needs, are paramount.

I am confident that Mom will prevail, as she always has, and that the current flavorings will either melt away or find a way to make peace with Mom. Please note Mom’s cooking has persevered over other flavorings which she was not happy with and they include:  Nuts (Novell & Netscape), Walnuts (WordPerfect) and many more.

Now if we could only go back to the days of the Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae.

It‘s a great time to be in the thick of things and as always “If It’s Virtually Possible, We Do it!!

by Myron Bari – September 8, 2009 (


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