I just read a very interesting blog by Harsh Gupta, Ramping Up Citrix Cloud for the Windows 10 on Azure VDI. It covers how the Citrix and Microsoft partnership is evolving in its impact on delivering Windows 10 virtual desktops on Azure. He reports that a new Citrix Cloud service is being developed in conjunction with Microsoft… “will be unlike any other cloud offering, as it will simplify the provisioning and management of Windows 10 by leveraging the capabilities of industry-leading XenDesktop technology.”

Great! But it still raises a lot of new questions...

Does this mean customers will no longer require the infrastructure to host VDI? What will the cloud pricing look like? What about connectivity to the user’s data? What about VMware’s Vcloud Air offering? How do customers migrate to this new cloud offering?

At IPM, we’ll be watching this relationship between Citrix and Microsoft very closely. There has always been great synergy between the two companies. How many more times will we hear, “Why doesn’t Microsoft just buy Citrix already?” This new development will have specific implications for the desktop infrastructure of tomorrow and we plan to have a front seat as it continues to develop.

In years past, IPM use to build Microsoft Exchange Servers for customers. Now we are migrating customers to Microsoft Office 365 and the cloud (AWS and Azure). Could this relationship be similar in nature? Will the transformational shift be the same? Will customers need to focus on migration strategies? The one thing that will continue to remain constant is that even as technology developments change, what stays the same is that we must focus on the user experience. It’s our job to help customers remain agile with the data portability they need to take advantage of each new major development ahead.

For this technology shift in specific, we’ll continue to watch and see what unfolds. Is this right for all customers? When will this actually be production ready? More to come on this topic. What thoughts or concerns do you have about these upcoming changes?   #VDIINTHECLOUD


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