Dictionary.com : Passion: any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.

  • Do you need to passion to sell something?
  • Do you need to care what you are selling?
  • Do you need to know the quality of your product or solution?

Maybe you sell toilet bowls, maybe you sell Commercial buildings, maybe you sell large Data Storage EMC (now Dell) solutions. Do you really need to have passion for what you are selling?

When you sell something online at eBay is there passion? The buyer doesn’t really know who you are. What differentiates you? Is your description better than the other person’s selling the exact same product for the exact same price? Does your passion comes through in your description for the product you are selling? Does your picture better showcase your item? Is your rating better than the next guy? Maybe you have passion for providing the absolute best customer service there is so you can sell more. Sounds like passion to me.

As a buyer and seller I see both sides. When I am buying something for myself, I can always tell if the salesperson really knows his stuff and is actually excited about what he is selling.

The good sales people will always start with asking me questions. What is it you are looking for? Is there a feature or style in particular so I can help guide you? Can I answer any questions? “I think to myself, please don’t sell me yet.” The Professional is not afraid of asking questions to understand what the customer wants and is also not afraid to say “hey, that’s a really good question, I don’t know but I will write that down and get back to you”. Note: if you say you are going to do something, do it!!  

As a seller and manager at my firm I believe that customers know whether we care about them, and we do. We show up in full force when we receive the calls in the middle of the night; someone needs something overnight-ed, or a client is having a serious issue. If they ask for help, we move mountains to make it happen.

How can a customer trust you if you don’t have passion about helping them solve a problem? Passion and deep knowledge of what you are trying to sell is critical. If you don’t understand what your product or service does, how in the world can you genuinely help a customer solve their problem?

Passion is everything. If you don’t have it, you will remain average. If you do have passion and deep understanding, the sky is the limit. The customers will want to buy from you, trust you and it will be a win- win for both parties.

My goal has always been to develop a long term relationships with our customer’s and vendors and just between us…some have become real friends and you know who you are :)

What do you think?


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