Does everyone know what a reseller is? Let’s break it down.

Customer A would like to purchase a product. The customer either calls a “reseller” of the product or calls the manufacturer to recommend a reseller. (IPM is a reseller.) The reseller asks for pricing from the distributor (Ingram, Arrow, others) and then provides pricing to the customer. Hopefully, the customer then purchases from the reseller. Once the order comes in, the reseller typically buys from the distributor. The distributor then places the order with the manufacturer. Sound confusing?

You don’t know half the story… What if the customer wants to buy direct from the manufacturer? What if the reseller wants to buy direct from the manufacturer? I could go on and on about channel conflict, but why should I? I think you get the point.

Now, compare this transaction to when you buy something on Amazon Prime. You just “click to buy.” It kind of makes you scratch your head.

Why would a customer continue to purchase the “old” way, when the “new way” seems so much simpler?

Try this. As a reseller, we are brought in very early in the sales cycle. If a customer already knows what they would like to buy, maybe the Amazon way or click to buy may make sense. But, most of the time it doesn’t. In fact, in most cases our value-add is by bringing in our Solution Architects and Subject Matter Experts to really listen to the problem we are trying to solve. The team will make recommendations and validate what we think is the right solution. As a reseller, we have worked with multiple vendors and understand that one size does not fit all. 

What’s more, we can often deliver better pricing. When you work with the “right” resellers vs. buying direct from the manufacturer you can often realize discounted pricing vs. MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price).

Together, we conduct POC’s, we evaluate solutions together, we install, we consult, we test again, we rollout, and we support. Hopefully, both the manufacturers and the customer see the value we bring to them and procure the Hardware/Software from us. Oh, we also answer the phone when someone calls us.   

As the cloud continues to grow, our value remains more relevant than ever. Customers now ask: What should I do? Should I migrate to the cloud? How do I get there? What should remain on site and what should be moved? What about security?  

IPM and our customers are on this journey and will be successful together. How many resellers do you know that have been around since 1984? What do you think the reseller of tomorrow will look like?

Stay tuned for the next blog post: how to gain the most value from the reseller and what to expect. 


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