We all have a long laundry list of all those nagging items that we wish we could resolve. Sometimes those items are things we’d like to do, but don’t think possible. In this new Tech Insight blog series, we explore all those things that we’d like to do, but didn’t know we could.

For our first “Wouldn’t it be nice to ...” topic, we’ll talk about catching issues before your users know they are there – specifically as it relates to Citrix VDI user logons and system access.

Ever worry that an outspoken executive will be frustrated by latency lags or failed attempts to log in? What about that whiny remote call center employee that claims they’ve tried to log in 20 times without success? Now you can see those login attempts and resolve issues before users are even aware of any problems.

IPM has developed a custom solution, MetaLog, which enables you to catch those pesky problems before they irritate users. A Web-based reporting tool, MetaLog captures and logs the details of every user’s attempt, successful and otherwise, to access your system. Each attempt to access your Web’s interface is time stamped and logged, along with user information including IP address, OS and browser version. It works by parsing the syslog records from NetScaler for user login, logout and failed logins. It can also track the start and end of ICA sessions.

So the next time you have a high profile executive that could become irritated by a poor performing session, you can proactively solve his/her issues before they call you. Or if you have a remote worker complaining that they haven’t been able to log in for hours, you can see if they’ve truly made the attempt. And, if you even have team managers that fear their remote workers aren’t logging in as they say they are, you can give them the proof they need to see if workers are logged in or not.

Helping customers take a proactive approach to workspace management is one of IPM’s key areas of expertise. Interested in knowing what else you can do that you didn’t think possible? Read our next blog or contact us today.

In my next Tech Insight blog, I’ll cover how you can find those missing documents users are searching for or lost during a recent disconnection. 

About Sam Jacobs

With more than 25 years of IT consulting, Sam is a NetScaler customizations and integrations industry expert. He holds Microsoft MCSD, Citrix CCP-M and CCP-N certifications, and is the editor of TechDevCorner.com, a technical resource blog for IT professionals. He is one of the top Citrix Support Forum contributors, has presented breakout sessions at BriForum and Citrix Synergy, and has earned industry praise for the tools he has developed to make NetScaler, Web Interface, and StoreFront easier to manage for administrators and more intuitive for end users. Sam became a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) in 2015.


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