Here we go again...In our 33+ years, we have seen many interesting changes – from the birth of PCs and desktops replacing the mainframe, to private, public and hybrid cloud computing. Through it all, hundreds of loyal customers have relied on us for guidance, support, and perhaps most importantly, the type of sound advice you only get from family.

Last week’s announcement of a planned Dell acquisition/merger with EMC has been the culmination of months of talks between EMC and other companies including HP, as reported in numerous Wall Street Journal articles. IPM marches on proudly. We have outlasted global companies with household names like Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, Manufacturers Hanover, Arthur Anderson, and Dewey Lebouf.

Here’s what the planned merger might mean - all public facing information states it will take anywhere from six to more than 12 months to “close”, as regulators scrutinize the business operations of both companies. Anything you hear from sales representatives of either company is pure speculation and conjecture – both companies are legally required to remain “quiet”. Many synergies have been stated. EMC has mainly served the needs of mid-size to global enterprise data centers, and does not sell servers, desktops or networking solutions. Dell has forged many relationships with government, mid-size and smaller businesses that would be fertile ground for EMC. Beyond that, not much is factual.

IPM has been, and will continue to be, a partner with EMC, Dell and VMware. All three represent leadership positions and best in class solutions in a variety of data center and desktop solutions. These companies complement our relationships with Citrix, AppSense and others.

IPM’s professional services to implement, upgrade, tune and monitor these solutions to meet our customer’s specific workflows is what we’re all about. We have dozens of engineers, who maintain certifications with EMC, Dell, VMware and Citrix who have been with IPM for 10+ years, in order to deliver sound solutions to our customers.

Our only advice that applies to all customers is “don’t do anything based on this news event that you wouldn’t normally have done”.  Our entire executive team remains committed to your success and will gladly field phone calls or meet with you individually to discuss how this might impact your organization.

Myron & Adam

Myron Bari, President & CEO
Adam Bari, Managing Director


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