There’s little doubt that moving to VDI has great benefits for most IT teams: reduced time deploying desktop patches and increased security, just to name a few.  But strangely, sometimes storage remains old-school, despite implementing a VDI solution.  And as much as that ‘80s song promoted getting physical, it’s not the best game plan for players on the court (fouls!), nor the optimal approach for storage in today’s IT world.

If you’re going virtual with your desktops—should your storage solution match?  Why must your enterprise storage solution be stuck in the realm of the physical storage arrays?  If you are really trying to transform your IT and your business to meet today’s challenges, it’s time to adopt a virtual storage solution to match your VDI plans. 

The benefits of virtualizing your storage area network along with your desktops are manifold.  Not only does it allow you to manage, provision, and deploy storage in the same way you manage your virtual desktops—but it also allows you drastically reduce the cost of an enterprise storage solution.  Much like VDI allows you to deploy desktops on a wider selection of lower-cost hardware, implementing a virtualized storage solution can do the same!  You can deploy your virtual SAN on industry-standard x86 machines and low-cost storage solutions, including all-flash, hybrid approaches, or traditional storage drives. Goodbye expensive storage array!

While there’s still no escaping the virtualization of the desktop, your storage allows you to easily cascade security and storage policies from the desktop to the data center without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. You can reconfigure and manage your VDI environment without ever having to explicitly reconfigure a storage array. 

So goodbye ‘80s; the new hit for your team is “Let’s Get Virtual” when it comes to both desktops and storage.  Want to know more about how virtualizing your desktops and your storage can benefit your business and save your IT staff tons of time?